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THPS is used in oilfield water system. Its exceptional effectiveness against sulfate-reducing bacteria makes it a bactericide used when hydrogen sulfide is generated or corrosion caused by sulfate-reducing bacteria is inhibited.


Through the technical investigation of secondary water injection in oil field, it is found that sulfate-reducing bacteria in crude oil can reduce sulfur to produce hydrogen sulfide, which corrodes the pipeline and causes blockage; The existing aerobic aerobic bacteria produce adhesion and cause blockage, so sterilization must be carried out. The germicidal effect of glutaraldehyde is quite remarkable.



It has low toxicity, no cumulative toxicity, is easily soluble in water, and is not affected by water hardness. Therefore, it is widely used in the circulating cooling water system of petroleum, chemical and other industries to control the growth of bacteria and algae in the cruise cooling water system, and has a special effect on killing sulfate-reducing bacteria.


The ammonium salt of TGA is used as the stripping solution, cleaning agent and antirust agent for the metal surface, and also as the corrosion inhibitor for the bromine salt completion fluid in the oil field.


1. The application of polyacrylamide in drilling mud has the effect of thickening, stabilizing and settling flocculant. Add PAM into the drilling mud to increase the consistency of the mud.

2. In the process of oil exploitation, the viscosity of injected water increases under the action of polyacrylamide, which can effectively avoid the breakdown of oil layers and thus improve the oil recovery rate;

3. It is used as water oil ratio control agent in oil production wells and water injection wells. Polyacrylamide solution or organic cross-linking agent, multivalent metal ions, formaldehyde resin, etc. are cross-linked to form water insoluble gel, which is used for oil and water wells to control water production from water layers.

4. PAM can also be used as fracturing fluid additive, mainly to increase viscosity, improve suspended sand capacity, reduce filtration and reduce friction;

5. It is used as pipe wall lubricant, drag reducer and paraffin inhibitor.