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BKC is a commonly used disinfectant and antibacterial agent
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Efficacy and function of bkc

BKC (benzyl quaternary ammonium chloride) is a kind of ionic surfactant with wide application value, and its efficacy and effect are very diverse, the following we will introduce its use and effect from multiple perspectives


1.Disinfection and sterilization

BKC has a strong sterilization, sterilization and disinfection effect, often used in home, medical and other fields.

Its disinfection effect is achieved by destroying the cell membrane and protein structure of microorganisms. In daily life

In life, it is often used in the production of disinfectant, detergent and other cleaning supplies to effectively prevent and control various diseases

The spread of diseases and pathogens.

2. cleaning agent

BKC is an excellent surfactant, which can be used to prepare washing liquid, dish soap, hand sanitizer and other cleaning products. It can effectively disperse stains and oils and remove all kinds of stains. Unlike other surfactants, BKC is mild, safe, non-irritating to the skin, and does not damage clothing and surfaces

Substance, can be described as the ideal cleaning agent assistant.

3. tobacco deodorization

Due to the smoking of tobacco and other substances, it is easy to produce a strong smell in the home or other places, which

It will pose a threat to people's health. BKC deodorant can eliminate these harmful odors because it can

To break down odor molecules, so as to achieve deodorization effect. In the field of greening engineering, it can also be used for purification

Air, improve odor environment.

4. Skin care

BKC is also used as a safe, mild surfactant in some infant and children's products

It will be added to them, such as baby moisturizer, toiletries, etc. BKC not only helps the skin slowly

It is deeply clean, and has certain antibacterial and disinfection effect, which is very beneficial to protect skin health.

In short, as a versatile and safe surfactant, BKC is used in many fields

They have a wide range of application prospects, and have played a positive role in promoting people's life and health.