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DEHA is a chemical compound used in various industries as an oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor.
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DEHA, or Diethylhydroxylamine, is a versatile compound used in water treatment applications. With the CAS number 3710-84-7, DEHA acts as an oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor, effectively protecting water systems from oxygen-related corrosion and minimizing the formation of scale and deposits. It finds extensive use in industries such as boiler water treatment, cooling water systems, and oil refineries, ensuring efficient operation, prolonging equipment lifespan, and maintaining water quality. DEHA's effectiveness in water treatment makes it a valuable asset in various industrial processes.


1. Used in efficient polymerization inhibitor for alkene as vinyl monomer.
2. As efficient end-polymerization inhibitor.
3. Excellent terminator in emulsion polymerized butadiene styrene rubber procedure.
4. Antioxidant for unsaturated oils and resin.
5. Favorable stabilizer for photosensitive resin, sensitive emulsion and synthetic resin.
6. Favorable photochemical smog inhibitor in environmental protection.
7. Corrosion inhibitor for boiler feed water and steam heat exchanger.
8. Antioxidant in photography.

Safety Protection:

Stored in the dry and ventilated inside storeroom ,prevent direct sunlight ,slightly pile and put down.